No Heart for Arsenal

I’ve only been able to bring myself to post now, once again Man United have gotten the best of Arsenal. It seems that they just have the formula for beating us and no matter how we dominate the play we cannot seem to win. Two goals against the run of play shows the measure of a side that has heart, they have a shit side yet they win and play with guts. It makes me sad to think the only player who looked like he would die for Arsenal was Jack Wilshere and we need to change this.

It’s the same old story of leaky leaky Arsenal where our defence was found wanting once again. We perform so well in defence against Barcelona and then go to pieces at the back against those Mancs. To make matters worst Djourou is now out for the season with a shoulder injury and I can just see our title hopes slipping away, he has been the shinning light in our defence this season and I for one am devastated. Gibbs on the day was poor, he had no aerial presence and the twins had total control over him, he really needs to step up if he wants to make in this side.

As the sides came out and I saw the midfield was The Twins out wide with Gibson and O’Shea in the middle, I though Cake walk city…..yet for all our dominance we could not produce a killer blow. Fabio and Rooney’s (an all to familiar theme) goals were the end for Arsenal. United deserved their win and for me that old Dutchman in their goal played a huge part in that. Credit must go to their defence that has been very solid this season. And lastly that red faced Scotsman, Sir Alex he seems to have the beating of Arsenal and I only hope the professor can go back to the drawing board and bring the league home.

I think to take off a match winner such as Arshavin and replace him with the hapless Czech Rosicky is a crime in itself. He is terrible a waste of space and should be on the first bus out of Arsenal. Even that shot he had made no difference to how I feel about the player. Denilson is another problem although he is better than Rosicky he lacks that splitting pass and will only pass a maximum of 8 metres, we need a player that is a game changer, and I saw a change when Ramsey came on, he is a player we have missed in our squad and I have great belief in him. Almunia as well had a solid game and it seems the forgotten goal keeper is putting his hand up in Arsenals hour of need.

The Jack tweeted ‘we now have to focus on the prem and make sure we win….once again thank you 3gunners’…..this seems to becoming a theme how Arsenal fall out of another competition. We need to now pull ourselves together and win against West Brom so we can gain form to beat Man United once and for all when they come to the Grove….Come on Gunners pull it together.

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