This all comes down to BMT, those who have it and those who don't. Arsenal don't and United do, plain and simple. Bloody Bloody United they have Evans sent off and are down to 10 men, but in the 88th minute score a winner....BMT, that is how you win titles with passion and heart. Arsenal on the other hand go down 1-0 after 2minutes on the clock, to oh a set piece, having not conceded before that in the league for over 4 hours it is clear how we already miss Djourou.
I never thought there was a worse player than Rosicky, but Denilson might take the cake. What a terrible player can't even describe how useless he is, another player that I'd love to see his pass competence%. Now the second half starts we make the changes immediately, Marouane Chamakh on for the clown, but wait we concede again, a moment of madness from who else, but the best goal keeper Arsenal have ever had. What was he thinking after having a promising comeback the F***er does that, what a nightmare. Now the Bent on pls pls Arsenal, so Arshavin scores a cracker come on the Gunners, but no we are walking everywhere. What is this new thing to walk when we need to pick up the pace and win. We score again VP now surely we will going into a frenzy to win the we don't we continue to walk and look like we don't want to win. This is why Fabregas is looking from the stands thinking 'I can't wait to go to Barcelona, please come and get me'. No BMT none and although I hate United they have loads of it.....

We have some time off now for the International break, hopefully we can pull ourselves together and pull our heads out of our Arses....Come on Wenger and come on Arsenal


  1. Haha, such a positive supporter...

    But true none the less, I´ve got a united jersey waiting for you when you ready to join the club...

    Keep it coming, haha

  2. Well I can undertstand the negativity as it appears Arsenal will not win anything this season, it is possible but becoming increasingly unlikely with bad results against teams they are expected to beat.

    At least they can look forward to automatic qualification for the UCL. Which is more than one can say about Man City. Their end of season form is nothing short of pathetic and with Tottenham still within distance even after their shocking form in the league further proves this (draws with Blackpool and West Ham).

    Lets just hope Harry's boys finish forth and as expected Mancini gets the sack and Man City's wages become 200% of their income as well as putting more big money signings on loan. Far from the best run business in the world.

    Finally I can say Chelsea are back, they probably won't win the title but at least they are coming back in to form at the right time with the UCL still to play for. Not to mention if they can overcome United over two legs which is not exactly impossible with their current problems. This would setup an "easier semi-final" with either Inter or Shalke.

    Anyway thats my 2 cents ...

  3. Well, glad you are seeing it now. All is not lost for arsenal just yet, but you would have thought they could see off West Brom...
    If i am honest, I think Arsene Wegner's stubbornness is what has possibly cost Arsenal the title. He could easily have bought experience this year when his team fell short last year, but decided not to. They need "know how" to win the league, Man United have a hell of a lot of it. Chelsea has also got some experience of winning, and a squad to deal with the fixture congestion.

    Chelsea looks strong again. They are going to be strong in the run in. They will finish 2nd I think. They are only 4 points behind Arsenal and are looking the Chelsea that play with pace and power again (more so when Torres if off the field, HA).

    As for United. BMT personified!! I believe its 13 goals in the last 5 minutes of games this season. I love them!
    Thank God we have an international break coming up though so we can get our players back...I truly believe when united get our energy back: Vidic, Park and Anderson, we will win the league and maybe even more. Last season had so many injuries in defense that they only had Evra fit from their entire 1st team squad. That cost United the season without a doubt.

    I really hope that Man City finish outside the top 4 because I really really hate them but I cant see it happening because Harry’s Spurs look like they are throwing their hopes of the 4th spot away and they also have a certain Real Madrid to concentrate on in April. So I think Man City will pip them to 4th because they have the squad.
    Let’s hope I am wrong. Please, I hope I am wrong.

    Over & Out