Back to the Race...

So the Premier league is back this weekend and see's the fixtures on the right taking place. The Gunners will be travelling to West Brom and we will be hoping for a Arsenal victory......pls pls pls gunners win, I don't think I can take another loss or draw, and our title challenge certainly cannot.
'In Arsene we trust' yes yes, but come on I sometimes wonder if he watches the same games that we do. If he plays that clown Rosicky again I will literally mail him a letter with my disgust as well as a death threat for Rosicky, I have nothing against him personally and I know all his team mates love him, but I literally think he would not even make the West Brom side. Can someone if they have them send me his stats for the season, as my dad likes to say that 'worst player since Gacesa' (not sure how to spell that).
Ok, so the Gunners have to Win and If they Don't play Rosicky I think we will do it, come on you Guns.

Man United Host Bolton and Just have a look at this. Its a worse situation than Arsenal, never thought it possible. Who the hell are they gonna play in defence, Carrick and Fletcher. This cost them the season last year and hopefully it will do the same. It is a beautiful thing to look at for any none Manc, but hopefully the physical nature of Bolton will prove a handful for the make shift back four and prove a lovely little upset for the Red Devils.

Chelsea take on Man City in the pick of this weekends Fixtures and its a battle of the "I buy my success" Titans, who will prevail to prove that in fact money can buy you the title.....wait a minute they are not fighting for the title they're fighting for a champions league place, well I guess thats the same thing...(haha)...
Ok to be fair Chelsea Still have a shot and from the recent poll on this blog 15% of you still believe Chelsea can do it, contrast that to the 47% that think Arsenal(yhea baby), 36% that back United and the 5% percent who back City(must have been a girl voting) its not crazy thought to think there is still a chance for the Blues.

One last thing I want to touch on is Arsenals medical staff......3 words, WORSE THAN ROSICKY......what I mean is they are pathetic I think we need to replace them all. 'Djourou out for the Season'....Wait a minute the Swiss FA have a look and they say something can be done and maybe it is not over. Now surely our team should have been able to see this, what is going on. Frank Lampard a While back gets the same treatment as VP that all I know involved a horse, what happens, Lampard back in a week miracle procedure, ok Arsenals turn, VP out for six months. If that wasn't the first sign then come on Arsene make a change.

Come on you Gunners, lets hope for a 3-0 victory and a United loss.........

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