A 3 Horse Race?

Well it seems I have to eat my words as I recently said that it was a 2 horse race, but it seems that the Blues have suddenly come charging up from behind with a run of good form, must be that new signing Torres....ok jokes aside they are back in a realistic hunt and United and Arsenal will be wary.
Take a look at their run, that the Manc Lee Fletcher, almost as useless as Darren Fletcher, pointed out to me...
So United Still have Everton, Arsenal and Chelsea to play all in a row, not to mention the other competitions that they are still in.....
Can't say the same for the Gunners.....dammit..... anyway lets hope the Red Devils find it all to much to handle and their injury woes prove to be their down fall.

Chelsea Have the easiest run of the three with only having to play Spurs and Man United, and with the league form of spurs at the moment, Chelsea should have all the belief in the world. Stoke has been in fine form of late and lets hope a trip to the Britania, that some call a 12th player on the pitch because of passion of the fans, prove a stronger obstacle than they would have hoped for. Maybe Shawcross can end one of their players as he likes to do.
But as far as the fixture list, its looking good for the Blues.

Now, the bloody Gunners could have shot themselves in the foot AGAIN....we have lost points against some easy teams and it may be the end of us. Liverpool(new Liverpool), Spurs, Bolton, United and Villa all left to play. The Gunners by far have the hardest run left. My hope is that with this international break, we will see Fabregas, Song, Walcott and one of our keepers back(a miracle is needed) so that Rosicky and Denilson will not play another minute for the Gunners.....Then we will win the title.
If Wenger stops being so stubborn and realizes that certain players would not make it in a Stoke side and are playing for Arsenal he must get a clap.....I still have faith in him, but he needs to buy big this summer and let that drift wood go....
So Gunners for the Title pls pls!

But hey I'm not Biased.......


  1. I have to agree. Chelsea does look like they have the easier run in. Stoke the weekend after the international break wont be easy (I hope they get 15 injuries starting with the new England captain! Cant stand the dog) because they have confidence and a great crowd behind them, not to mention an average height of what? 7ft4? I still see the Chelsea team winning that though.
    After stoke they have 4 relegation contenders in a row…with West Ham the toughest of the lot. So I definitely see them catching Arsenal who look like they are too fragile to be considered contenders. So would consider Chelsea the main contenders to Man Utd for the title.

    Arsenal looks like they could be beaten by anyone at this point in time. The end of April will be the end of Arsenal I think, ending with Bolton (who is never easy). Without Song (who I think is very underrated) in that midfield, I don’t see the fragile defense holding out Carroll & Crouch, and physicality of Bolton could end Arsenal. Not to mention the fixtures against an in form Man Utd and Stoke team in May. Unless they get key players back and maybe find some leadership, I cannot see them winning anything. One arsenal fan once argued “when we win our 1st trophy, we’ll be unstoppable”. When will that be? I wont be holding my breathe.
    I am not being funny, they could be out of it by May if they don’t pick up their game and start winning games again.

    And then the mighty United. They are getting players back soon and the bad luck with injuries stops. Valencia is back (thank god for another wide player) and Park was on the bench against Bolton the weekend. When Darren Fletcher and Ando gets back united will have enough to beat Chelsea in midfield because they simply overpowered City on the weekend, and I cannot see that happening if Vidic, Park, Fletcher, Ando and Valencia is on the field. All players that are either currently injured and on the come back trail over the next 2 weeks, or have just returned from injury. Those are massive talents to return for the crucial run in. I think Utd will have it tough, starting with the hammers away, but will get the win. The other 2 games in April are home games and I fancy us against the best at home. Its May’s fixtures that scares me a little. Although I will gladly accept draws VS Chelsea and Arsenal should we win all the other games. That will hand United the record 19th title. I am confident that we will have enough “know how” to win the league, but looking at the fixtures and the nature of this year’s competition, there is still a long way to go.

  2. Lee You might be more biased then me....haha....The Gunners will be back and with a player like Wilshere ie Ramsey back who will soon be back to his best and make the likes of Carrick and Fletcher look like children....Song fabregas and Walcott will all be back in time I hope and they will lead the charge....yes carrol and crouch are going to be a handful, but Arsenals attack will prove to much for Liverpool's weak defence maybe even worse than Arsenals....as for Spurs its derby day and that will be enough to inspire us and as for when we play you at the emirates, we will have a side back such as our best and even your rock hard defence will have trouble.....you won't have the forest grass of old trafford to help you.....supporting a team that always wins must be nice but supporting a team that always comes close means that I can see when it is different. And it is now...keep the faith go Gunners

  3. Not Biased, just saying it as it is. Those are important to United, and we have not had that. If I am honest, I don’t think United can beat Chelsea if we don’t have Ando Park and Vidic.

    Arsenal need leaders bud. Fab is a great player, but he doesn’t inspire the dressing room they way Adams and Vieira used to, and those are the captains that won trophies under Wenger.
    Your team look broken and the fact that they are seen walking is a sign of being over it, or that they don’t have the legs. You choose which one?

    There is a reason Fergi went to get a 35 year old Lauren Blanc, and a 35 year old Hendrik Larsson. Players that were considered ancient, but United won the league when they had players that old in their team not to mention the current “old timers” who are still pushing on and United are top the league by 5 points. Experience. It’s important. I cannot believe Wenger has let all his experience move on without replacing them.
    What was the average age of the “invincibles” team? Compared to the current one?

    Its definitely not over. There is a long way to go. I just think that United will build momentum, and so will Chelsea, where I feel Arsenal won’t know how to deal with the pressure after being dumped out of 3 competitions in 2 weeks. Its tough going and the players are feeling it. You can see it. They are lacking confidence.

    I don’t understand the “it’s different” comment? What’s different?

  4. Flip I think I might hate you more than I actually hate your team....Arsenal are only to familiar with being dumped out of these competitions....thats not a good thing but they know how to react, I know they are walking, if you read my last post then you will see thats what I slammed Arsenal for. Everything you saying is old news...I know Arsenal need experience and I know the reason Fergie have kept those crypt keepers is because they bring experience like moses did to the Jews... By different I mean is before we were playing ahead of our potential and it caught up to us, but now we have our best team we have had in five years, so I def think we still have a chance....Hell we gonna win, down with the Devils up the Gooners