Ultimate Competitors! Ronaldo and Messi

We are fortunate to witness the era of amazing footballers like Ronaldo and Messi. Born with god given abilities and talent, both are absolutely amazing. Both have different identities where individualism and ego are traits of Ronaldo while togetherness and sportsmanship define Lionel Messi. Ronaldo makes solo runs on the wings and Messi brings team mates into play. With different qualities and traits, both players have been helping their teams to gain success with resolute passion and dogged determination. But the million dollar question is who is the best?

Ronaldo does the imaginable things with unimaginable consistency and Messi just does the unimaginable things. They will be known by their tremendous statistics in coming years with awe. When it comes to experience and energy, Ronaldo succeeds Messi whereas talent, vision and creativity sets Messi above Ronaldo. Both have scored nearly the equal number of goals but in terms of achievements, Messi exceeds Ronaldo.

28 years of age Messi exerts more influence over more games. Messi has the standing as the better player with more goals and awards. This may be a harsh assessment, but Messi is more talented and has produced more performances with great achievements in his career. This opinion might be changed in coming years as both the talented footballers are going to amaze the world with what they do best. Let’s see who is going to win the argument, Ronaldo’s fans or Messi’s fans.

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