Cold Blood in Their Veins what Every Striker Needs

Olivier Giroud says strikers at the highest level need to have “cold blood in their veins” in front of goal. Talking to Arsenal Player, the Frenchman gave us a little insight into what he thinks makes a perfect striker. Besides being really really good looking there are some other things he highlighted.

He has scored 7 goals in 13 appearances including that header that sunk the champions. He has been in a rich run of form which all fans will be hoping keeps on going. 

“You can always improve yourself but you need to have talent,” he told Arsenal Player. “Talent is not sufficient on its own, though. I always repeat that because it’s important for young players to know it.

“You need to have something that all strikers have in them. You need to keep lucidity in front of goal and have cold blood, like we say in France, in your veins. You need to be a born striker with a killer instinct.

“I looked up to Andrey Shevchenko and Jean Pierre Papin when I was younger. Eric Cantona as well, but the one who scored so many goals was Titi Henry.

“He played for my team, Arsenal, so I was impressed by his performances. He has done really well in his career, especially at Arsenal. If I can do half of what he has done I will be happy.”

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