The Cost of Sport: Following Your Team Just Got More Expensive

Last week the BBC revealed the findings of it’s annual Cost of Sport survey and has found that on average ticket prices to support your favourite top tier club have gone up by almost 4.4%. For many fans it feels like it might be another nail in the coffin that stops them from being able to afford to watch their team over the next season.
There are worries that more football fans will start to vote with their feet and move away from watching football in their favourite stadiums, in favour of picking up sports packages through their broadband or TV provider, so they can watch the matches of their choice from the comfort of their front room – without having to visit the hallowed turf of their team’s ground again.

Some fans feel this is a cop out and that you don’t get the same experience from this kind of package – but, it’s a fact that with the price of a season ticket for some clubs topping well over £2000 it’s a luxury that not many can afford now. There are other more family friendly options for fans who are determined not to miss out, for instance opting to get “family tickets” for games might mean that you don’t necessarily see the top level matches you want to, but it means you might get to go to the ground at a quieter time, for a lower level game – and if you’re a mum or dad, your children will either get in free or for a reduced rate.

Fans can’t help comparing the cost of UK games/tickets with that of their counterparts in European leagues and there is considerable discontent that fans of sides like Bayern can get a season ticket for much less than they would have to pay to see a Premiership side here. Is it only a matter of time before the people in charge take note and listen to the loyal supporters or is it pie in the sky to imagine supporting your team might one day not be a luxury?

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