Arsenal Player of the Month

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It's time for Football 101's Arsenal player of the month award. Yes I know it is a big deal, and I am sure all the payers are on the edge of their seats waiting for the big announcement of who takes home this prestigious award. Right now I am nervous, ok let's get down to business. There have been some solid performances all over the park this month Wojciech Szczesny has been in great form, pulling off a number of amazing saves that have been crucial to us remaining top of the league. The whole back four has been smashing, so all 4 of them are in the running for the award. Then we have the midfield trio of Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta and jack Wilshere, who all had great months. So it's a tough one to pick a winner, however....

The winner for everyone at Football 101 is the man Per Mertesacker. The German Giant has been outstanding all season not just this month and we feel that it is high time the defense is given the recognition they deserve and what could be more recognizable than this award (its very prestigious). Of course Ramsey has been outstanding once again, but Per has really been marshaling the defense that has made sure Arsenal keep it tight at the back. What's more is that he was deemed not good enough by so many and he has made them all eat his words. So here's to you Per, please accept this award and we look forward to you coming to pick it up in Per....son (cheesy?) 

Who is your player of the month?

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