The Fatigue of Olivier Giroud

There is no question that Olivier Giroud has improved 100% in his second season for Arsenal. The man has scored 8 goals in total so far this season. In the Premier League the stats read 5 goals and 4 assists in his 11 games. But it is much more than that, his movement, the way he holds up the ball, wins his headers and the delicious interplay with his team mates is what has made Giroud a super star so far this season. All of this said I have noticed the fatigue in the man, and I think he needs a rest. But that brings in another we sign someone in Jan? or rely on what we have?

I am sure 90% of you will say that we need to buy someone and that Sanogo, Podolski or Walcott are not viable options for front men. Ok if that is the case then who do we bring in? I have see some say Giroud is not a good enough striker and that we should sign someone like Benzema. Come now people Giroud is the one keeping Benzema out of the French side. So if you say that you are an idiot! Giroud for me is class, and I really don't think Wenger is going to buy someone like Dzeko or Lewandowski. Man City won't sell to rivals and Lewandowski will more than likely go elsewhere. No for us I think it would be a lesser name, someone like Benteke or Pato. Giroud is bound to stay our go to man, but he does need a rest and we need to make sure we have a back up plan. Who knows Wenger could wow us again in the transfer market and bring in someone unexpected, but the main thing is that he does bring in someone cause Bentdner is poo(and he thinks he is moving to Barcelona haha).

In related news, I am sure you see that the French were beaten 2-0 by the Ukraine in their first leg of their World Cup qualifier. Not great news for France, but I am however happy that Koscielny received a red card, meaning he won't be able to play the return leg and thus cannot get injured. Selfish?....Maybe, but I care about Arsenal not the World Cup.

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