Raise Your Hand if You are an Arsenal Fan

"Raise Your Hand if You are an Arsenal Fan", I say this with a bit of tongue and cheek, because it seems everyone is an Arsenal fan these days. Just 4 months ago a friend of mine traveled to the Seychelles for business. He reported that there were no Arsenal shirts and that the locals all had United, City and Chelsea shirts. He last week returned again for business and low and behold if the majority were Arsenal and Liverpool...

I am not saying this a bad thing by any means. After all the ore fans that we get, the more shirts we sell all adds to revenue and brand strength, which in turn leads to more Ozil's, you know so soon we could have a team of Ozil's. What this "we only sing when we winning' mentality does do however, is bring out those trolls. Those negative fans that never had anything good to say. Yes you Piers Morgan. But now they are acting as though they saw it coming all along. Maybe I am being to negative on the matter, but I thought it was worth touching on. Who knows maybe there were fans in the Seychelles, but they could never wear their shirts cause we weren't winning like this.

However you look at it, it is really great to be an Arsenal fan at the moment. We smashed Liverpool and I am really confident about the United game this weekend. There is however the small matter of Dortmund to deal with. I am not so confident about this one, but my gut is telling me that we will get a draw out of this one. The boys will be fired up and they know that we need to get job done. I am very glad that Gibbs is in the squad as he has really been an unsung hero this season.

Jack misses out due to injury and this is worrying for me. Not because he is missing this match, but because he is injured yet again. To pick up so many injuries at a young age is never a good thing and I am starting to wonder if this is going to be another Van Persie (Mr Glass) situation. But we can hope for the best and that Arsenal seriously investigate their medical team.

So the Germans tonight, I say a 2-2 draw, is my bet, but I could be very wrong. Let's Go Gunners.

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