A Message to All Arsenal Fans

There are many things in a persons life that can bring you joy; winning big at the casino, time with friends, seeing your kids grow and for some it's Arsenal. For me, most of the above is true, but Arsenal brings that joy like no other (sorry family). I find myself blessed and so grateful that my father decided to support Arsenal as a boy, now bear in mind that TV's didn't exist back then so the decision was down to Nottingham Forest and Arsenal, he heard the a few names on the team sheets (over the radio) and decided that he would choose Arsenal. And thank goodness for that. Over the years their have been great years and there have been bad ones, so this is a message to all you so called Arsenal fans out there.

What you have to remember is no one is forcing you to be an Arsenal fan. No one is holding your family hostage, no one is holding a gun to your head, so you see there is nothing stopping you from moving on. When I see the millions of posts, tweets, shares etc...'Wenger OUT Out out', or 'I promise you if things don't change soon I am supporting someone else', I just shake my head. It's not that they are totally unjustified, sure we have had some tough years and sure Wenger has made some weird choices over the years. But you have to look at the bigger picture. He has turned a club that would fluctuate up and down the table, to one of the biggest clubs in the world. Don't believe me, well then I proved my point and you can go and support City or Chelsea, again....no one is stopping you. Supporting Arsenal is a life choice, but most of all it is a privilege. The joy that it brings me let alone millions around the world is something I will never understand fully all I know is that if Arsenal win, I have a good week, if they lose, well I don't smile and my colleagues must stay out of my way. Arsenal will always be a part of my life and I consider myself a true fan. And this is what I am getting at.

Most of those supporters that are active online would have only started supporting Arsenal when Wenger brought that success and there isn't anything wrong with that really, but it does bring its fair share of irritation. I saw a post the other day, 'Who is your favourite player brought in by Wenger' - 60% of the answers were Dennis Bergkamp! News flash fans, but Dennis was not brought in by Arsene Wenger but by  Bruce Rioch. Yes I see many of these things, and I just laugh it off. But there is one thing that gets me going.

During the transfer market we had our wave of Wenger out movements and I suppose we can expect such things. However what we all should know by now, is that an Arsenal fan is a fickle mistress. As soon as Wenger bought her a majestic diamond necklace (Ozil) she seemed to calm, that hatred suddenly became affection.

The Arsenal fans were calling Wenger a genius and 'it was his plan all along'. We went on such a good run and fans were calling Wenger the best manager in England and immediately we wanted him to sign a new contract. Then came the draw to West Brom on Sunday. Not a bad result at all I thought, in fact a well fought point. But what do I see on Monday morning, but a bunch of lunatics on social media and blogging sites calling for Wenger Out! I mean come on.

So here it is, here is your chance and no judgement will be passed. Leave Arsenal's family, please I beg you. You are not needed here, your negativity and constant ignorance only burdens a thing that so many love. You are entitled to your opinions and so am I, so take yourself to Chelsea, where managers change as often as you call for their heads, go to City where money makes the world go round. Just go, because I can promise you I am not going anywhere and as long as I am here, I will continue to love Arsenal till the day I die.

Oh and Wenger for 10 more years please..

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