Jack Wilshere: Arsene Wenger is not to blame

After the 3-1 defeat at home to Bayern Munich on Tuesday evening, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has received plenty of criticism, with his position at the club under threat once again.
With the Gunners now unlikely to make it through the quarter-finals of the Champions League – their only chance of silverware this season – it is set to be eight seasons without a trophy, something which the fans are very frustrated with.

They will always respect what Wenger has done for the club, but many now believe that the time is right for the Frenchman to move on.

After all, nobody wants things to get ugly between fans and manager. It would be a real shame for his reputation to be damaged.

Jack Wilshere is urging people not to blame Wenger though. He says that the players are to blame for not performing to the expected standard.

The England international was clearly upset after the first-leg defeat to Bayern and as someone who is set to play a massive part in the club’s future, he is keen to see the manager stay where he is.

Speaking about Wenger, the 21-year-old told ITV Sport: “The boss has been here for 16 years and he's been doing a great job so you can't question him.

“A manager can put us on the pitch and motivate us but we have to do it when we're on the pitch. But we're starting badly and getting punished for it.

"I think the players will take responsibility, we're man enough to take it.”

Wilshere actually spoke very well after such a difficult evening, but in truth, he is always going to back Wenger at this stage. Can you even imagine the uproar if he questioned the Gunners boss?

It certainly seems very unlikely that Wenger will move on before the end of the season. The club will perhaps assess in the summer, taking into consideration their league position, general form and spending power.

A few more disappointing results in the Premier League and a decision on Wenger’s future could be brought forward. Arsenal won at home to Aston Villa, but lost to rivals Spurs on Sunday and anything other than a win in the next few games will be met with even more speculation that he needs to move on.

It is certainly a fascinating situation, but Wilshere’s comments appear to indicate that the players are with their manager. As soon as this stops being the case, it is the beginning of the end and time for a new era.

As for Wenger himself, he will want to time his departure well enough to ensure his legacy isn’t damaged. He also will want to hand over the reins with the club in a good position.

Perhaps he is already thinking that he will work hard to make the team qualify for the top four and then call it a day.

That might suit everyone at Arsenal Football Club.

Written by Thomas Rooney from Livestreamingsport.com.


  1. I agree that Arsene is to be respected, maybe even revered, due to the unprecedented success he brought to the club but it would be the right time for him to move on and bring in new blood. Shame Guardiola signed already with Bayern

    1. I love Wenger, but I think one more season to produce, otherwise it is time to call it a day