Falling Apart

It’s a sad day when you realise that the car you love has something wrong with it, its even a sader day when the wheels start to come off. In this case obviously by car I mean Arsenal and by wheels coming off…..well I mean the wheels are coming off. Knocked out of the FA cup by Sunderland and not just knocked out but out played.

I have heard people throw abuse at Arsene Wenger and maybe he is partly to blame but I think this comes down to three things.

1. The Players: First of all I am not going into detail as to what players are simply not good enough (because there is a large list), but there are plenty that need to be cut loose. Djourou is far too poor to play in a side like Arsenal and I am sorry but Wallcot maybe should consider that move to Chelsea. But it was every player, they looked as though they did not want to be there and have lost their desire. The players need to pick themselves up and realise that if they want to play for a mighty club like Arsenal then they need to show it.

2. The Policy: What happened to the days of buying stars and not just bringing in youngsters? I am tired of hearing “he is a bright prospect for the future”. 1 in 10 of those come off, so they cannot be the only option. If you think of yourself at school and how many individuals had so much talent when they were younger but as time passed everyone including yourself caught up with them. And how many have suddenly excelled when they leave school, well this is my point we cannot rely on youth, we have to have players of 25-35 years old and I don’t mean 35 year old defenders.

3. The Board: I am convinced that Wenger takes a lot of blame that should be aimed at the board. The constant excuse that we do not have the funds or the recent one that we don’t even need the Champions league just won’t fly anymore. If the board is not careful there may soon be a movement amongst us fans to get them out and protest for change. I know I am ready to get my voice heard, we need a change and Wenger needs the money to bring in the big stars.

All we can do is Keep the Faith and pray that we have what it takes to gun down Spurs.

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  1. Hay I say why is it called Emirates Stadium anyway? If Arsenal FC is going to pay the debt to build it by selling players then we should call it Arsenal Stadium. It will be fitting should Milan come to Emirates and nail the final nail to this seasons Champions league campaign with Fly Emirates on the front of their kit.

    Maybe it is time for a Sponsor that is committed to Arsenal Not spreading their support all over Europe and Asia. Hell the management at Emirates could pay the debt off with one half a years income if they wanted to. I for one won't be flying Emirates anytime soon.