Let’s Reflect

I haven’t been able to bring myself to write since that nightmare against Fulham. Every time I think Arsenal are finally going to get some luck it all blows up in our face. Some say that it all went downhill when Djourou was sent off, but for me we were nowhere that half and Fulham were all over us.

For my part I think that Djourou deserved to be sent off, he is a clumsy defender and I cannot wait for our injuries to come back, because he really is a weak defender. Arsenal seemed to come out the 2nd half and had lost all our drive. Walcott was pathetic the entire game and after I had thought he finally knew how to cross, that game was proof that he needs to practice more. I wish that OX had been on the bench so we could have seen what the young go getter had to offer and make Walcott realise his place is not guaranteed.

When they took of Gervinho I think we lost a lot of attacking flair, but also Rosicky had a shocker, for the last few weeks Rosicky has actually looked like the perfect super sub and added a “jump and jive” quality to the side when we needed it. But in the Fulham Game that was seriously lacking.

Coquelin, well what can I say, I am a massive fan, he has shown that he has what it takes to step up to the first team and future is looking very bright for the future of the gunners. We just need to really buy a defender in this transfer window, because let’s face it; there are gaps now with all these injuries.

Also I wish we would buy an attacking player to help Van Persie and more importantly be there if he gets injured. I had hoped for Podolski and for all purposes it looked if we were going to get him. But alas he does not want to jeopardize his Euro 2012 place in the German squad, so will only be thinking of Transfer after the Euro’s. Not the best news as I thought Arsenal were going out of character and locking down a big name early on.

Anyway all we can do is keep the faith and hope that Henry plays against Leeds on Monday night.

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