It was a Match that we deserved more

I have heard that people are saying that it was a match that Arsenal could not afford to lose and now that we have, Arsenal have no chance of winning the league. But in reality did we really have a chance of winning the league? Sure if we went the rest of the season unbeaten we could have made a push for it, but realistically I do not think we have the squad to do it yet.

If you consider that we were lying 17th at the beginning of the season and now we are right up there in the champions league mix, I think we should all be happy with our current situation. Sure yesterday I wanted to take out my LG mobile phone and give the ref a rude call and ask him to open his eyes, as lets face it the boys defiantly deserved something out of that game. But we must remember that Manchester City have a massive squad and was at home, on paper we were the underdogs and looking at the fixture list a few weeks ago we would have marked this down as a loss.

We should look at the positives and look at what City have done to other sides including Spurs and United and give our lads a pat on the back as the team is getting better with every game. And if we look at it in the way that many players like Gervinho, Walcott and Djourou did not have good games so even when Arsenal is not playing to their maximum potential, they can handle City away from home. I am just trying to look at the positives and I know we deserved more from the game. Our next few games are easier and we can pick up maximum points from those so come on up the GUNS!!!

Keep the Faith

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