The Nerve of Barcelona............

It’s as predictable as the tourists arriving in summer that there will be Cesc Fabregas rumours year in and year out, but it is not the rumors that grind me it is the way that Barcelona go about it. ‘Fabregas belongs at Barcelona’ yes we’ve all heard that before, but the fact remains he is an Arsenal player, well at least for now.

There is no doubting that Fabregas is a world class player, and we all know his desire to go back to Spain, but he is also a class act in the fact that he knows if Barcelona do not reach the Gunners asking price, then he is content to stay at Arsenal.

If Fernando Torres can be signed for 50 million pounds (what a fail that has been), then we are actually giving them a discount price of €40 million. But the Nerve of Barcelona to say that Cesc should be given on the cheap because he deserves to come back to them.

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell had this to say "We have offered less than €40 million and if Arsenal do not yield, well then Cesc will not come."

“Guardiola knows the values of players and Cesc’s is less than €40million. Barcelona will offer less and if they (Arsenal) don’t accept, then he won’t come”

Barcelona have almost completed the signing of Alexis Sanchez from Udinese that could amount to €45 million, the Chairman of Udinese had this to say "The transfer will be worth an amount in the region of €45 million, a figure close to the initial valuation of the player. This fee included some variables and one player."

So there is no reason why they cannot meet our asking price. They signed Villa last year for the same amount along with other players so no wonder they have money problems.

I think it is also a failed attempt at scare tactics, as they try to force Cesc to put pressure on the club, but the funny thing is, is that Arsenal do not need the money so we don’t have to budge on the asking price. Barcelona thinks that Cesc is theirs by divine right and that we are like thieves who are keeping their prize possession captive and this grinds me all the more.

If Barcelona do not meet the asking price, then I know Fabregas will not go, Barcelona are idiots if they think they can scare Arsenal and blame money problems..shame I say (then stop buying expensive players)…I have no love for Barcelona and just because they are the best around is no reason why they can act like spoilt brats.

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  1. Just wait! Torres will come right and then it will not be an EPIC FAIL!