Last Day.....Last Chance

Today will see two more sides join West Ham in the Championship next season, Birmingham, Wigan, Blackpool, Blackburn or Wolves are all still in the Battle to Stay up. Wigan play stoke away, Blackpool play Man United at Old Trafford, Wolves host Blackburn and Birmingham away at Spurs means that come kickoff we will all be glued to the games......

Which teams will avoid the heart ache that West Ham felt last week and has seen a side of such a great History in the Premier league and a team that recently won the rights to the Olympic Stadium go down. My Favorites to go down are Blackpool and Birmingham (I would love Birmingham to go down), but if Blackpool who have played with such passion this season can steal a point and Blackburn can do them a favor at Wolves there could be twists in this tale yet. Wit hone point between five sides and relegation anything can happen and I for one know exactly where I'll be come kick off.

It is also Arsenal's last chance to end the season off on a good note and possibly climb to 3rd if Man City slip up. The Gunners need this and most of all the fans need it, with all the highs and lows of the season we of all fans deserve this, to finish 4th would really put a dim light on a season that had so much promise. But I guess that's what makes this league the best league in the world, there are no other leagues with a top six and battles that come down to the final day with so many teams fate still to be decided. There have been highs and lows for all teams, but my word I love this game and I love this league, there is a video below that just shows why this league is so great and I cannot wait for August to arrive and the new season.

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