Fab out AGAIN

So Fabregas is out again, he admitted that he was playing through the pain in the Barca game and Wenger had this to say
“[Fabregas], no. He had a recurrence of his hamstring problem and he will be out for the next game. Maybe for the next two games”.
“He is, of course, very disappointed because it is becoming a little problem for him to [keep] having a recurrence of his hamstring. But it’s a very superficial one.”

Now what I am thinking is that he is becoming like Mr Glass himself (Van Persie, although he is back) what seems to happening to our Superstar captain is that he is becoming more and more injury prone as time goes on….or is that just because when things seem to be going right for Arsenal, the Universe spits down a curve ball. Oh well we could pair Eastmond and Rosicky together and they would be better than that former Spurs clown (Carrick) and Fergusons Love Child (Fletcher)…..ok maybe not Rosicky.

But seriously Arsenal what is with our Medical staff maybe bring in some modern standards because injuries come so thick and fast for us we are forced to play 1 complete pass in 100 players such as Rosicky….will someone shed some light as to what the deal is. 


  1. the problem with rosicky is people keep telling him he is the mozart in the czech national side. problem is mozart was never much of a footballer.
    lone ranger