Drift Wood

Well here is a break and a good chance, I think  to look at the current group of Guns and decide who the top 5 are that should be sent packing.

1. Number one on my list is the man known as little Mozart, Tomas Rosicky the man is getting on in years and really I don't think he can get any better. When I see him take the field I feel myself dying inside as he literally contributes nothing to the team. Making his runs and his turns all amount to nothing as he more often than not passes or loses the ball to opposition and hardly tracks back. If he is what we have to offer as a sub for the likes of Fabregas, then maybe we will have to wait a few more years for a trophy....sell him

2. Next on the list and very close to being first is Denilson, if this is our answer to replace Song or Wilshere, we are doomed. After showing signs of improving over the last 2 seasons, he has taken more steps backwards than Joe Cole (ok maybe not that much, well done to Liverpool for stealing that gem of a signing from under our noses). Denilson is a poor one on one defender and more than often fouls the player and gives away a set piece (very costly to us Guns) he really does not add anything to the team as his short passes could be completed by a 5 year old, if he tries a pass of more than 5 meters it is immediately straight to the opposition. What more can I say then I think we would play better with 10 men on the park, he needs to be sold.

3. Almunia is next, I don't think I need to say anything about this poor guy, I do feel sorry for him, but with Howlers against West brom home and away I can safely say he is just costing us goals, why don't we just put Shea in goal, or let Lehman in there, can't be any worse. Yes he played well against Barca and has been preforming better since his return, but we cannot afford this if we want to be the best side in England. I don't know if Arsenal need to buy a keeper cause I really do have faith  in Szczesny, but they do need to let Almunia go he really is drift wood.

4. Number 4 on my list is Squillaci , yes we only got him this season, but he has had a mixed season to say the least. At most I think Arsenal could keep him as backup to the backup, Please Arsene buy someone like Mertesacker or Boltons Gary Cahill. Squillaci has preformed well in some games, but has lacked that confidence at the back that Arsenal so badly need. His indecision has cost Arsenal on many occasions and I really have grown tired of this Arsenal side that looks like Men going forward and Children at the back.

5. Abou Diaby I have added Diaby because although he is really talented and shows signs of being world class, he does not have the passion and desire I want to see in my players (like you see in Wilshere). He tends to give up and fall out of games, as though he is asleep. During the Barca at the Nou Camp, he seemed to be scared and when tackling the opposition he seemed to say sorry after every tackle...man up...I want players who want to play for Arsenal, I don't another Anelka who only plays when he wants and wants to leave to a 'bigger club'

There are more that could be added to the list, but those are my top. I don't know what you guys think, but I for one think changing these players for new ones will make us the mighty Guns we know we can be.
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Top Gun out

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