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As an Arsenal fan life is great at the moment, there is nothing really for us to complain about. Unless you belong to one of those Arsenal fan pages such as Gooner Till I Die, those guys will find anything to complain about. But in the grand scheme of things, life is good. Arsenal dealt with a hardy Cardiff on Saturday, thanks to goals from Flamini and two from Cardiff's own son Aaron Ramsey. 

Ramsey's two goals we both well worked, but I felt that the header was beautiful. The commentator didn't really give him as much credit as he deserved, but believe me it was a thing of beauty. More so, not celebrating was a nice touch from the man and a nicety that was not miss by the Cardiff fans, who gave Aaron standing ovation at the end of the game. My pick of the goals had to be Flamini's just for the way he smashed it in, followed by the way he celebrated, that there is the sign of a man who believes that Arsenal can go all the way, a man who believes we have the team to do it and believes we have the passion to do it. 

Before kick off I had a Liverpool fan tell me that there was no way that Arsenal would win the league this year, as they lacked the squad this year as opposed to other years. My first response to him was to laugh and then realised that he was being serious. I then went on to ask him if he could please tell me when we had the squad depth that he deemed worthy. He then proceeded to mutter something about Thierry Henry, before returning to the bar. I do believe that this year we have the squad. If you look through our team man for man, barring our striker, their is a quality replacement in all areas. We are a team and there is a passion in the team at the moment that has made that team a more of an effective unit. So I turn to you the fan and ask.......

Can Arsenal Win the League this Season?

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