Is Arsene getting his feet wet?

Year in year out, Wenger promises to break the bank with the summer signing, last year we had the delight of Santi Cazorla the £16.5 million Spanish midfielder joined the club making him the most expensive player in the history of the club. With 12 goals and 16 assists in 49 appearances. Whilst he has gone down reasonably well with the fans of the club, he isn't really the world beater that we were promised, nor did he really break the bank when it came to the summer spending splurge.

Wenger could be missing the trick here, that or he is being super savvy with the signings. There are 2 main schools of thought when it comes to the summer transfer window, take the Man City or Chelsea approach and spend as much as you can hoping for the best, we need to look at the £30.8 mil Shevchenko as an example of this. Alternatively we take Arsenes approach and opt for the super savvy re Fabregas (first time round). The issue now is, with links to the likes of Suarez are these the players that we want to buy and is the £40 mil to acquire these players justified in terms of performance.

The Uruguayan certainly fits the bill when it comes to hitting the back of the net. 2012-13 Season sawhim net 30 goals in 44 appearances and incredible record, not even Van Persie could equal with 30 goals in 48 appearances. The problem with this spend is that he can't play until mid-October, and what is to say that there won't be more bans on the way or a desire to leave British football all together to go to another European Club. So the question remains that what will he add to the club for the astounding asking fee that is being requested, that maybe an alternative cannot bring.

The other players that have been linked are Higuain who felt that he was undervalued by Mourinho at the Bernebau although Ancellotti has expressed interest in keeping him at the club.

The spending sprees have been promised, the burning questions still remain. Should we be looking to sign 4 players of Cazorlas ability which certainly wouldn’t do us any harm, or should we be looking to blow the lot on a superstar where we could potentially get our fingers burnt. Arsene is dipping his toes in with the big spenders, but with is experience in bargain hunting and younger talent has he jumped in a little too deep.

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