Arsenal Ink? Yip a Vid about Players Tats

So there is a new segment that Arsenal are releasing and it is called Arsenal Ink. What is that you ask? Well it is about Arsenal players with tattoos. Yip that is what it is about. Don't know if I really care about this stuff. But it is always nice to see the boys in a more relaxed capacity. Here is a vid with Aaron Ramsey showing off his artwork.


  1. David Beckham allays worry over younger players for England squad

    David Beckham has tried to allay fears about younger players for England during world cup. Hodgson included Sterling, Barkley and Alex as well as Jack into the squad.
    Beckham said: "People have said they're worried about young kids going into a massive tournament but there's no reason to be worried. They're all playing in the best league in the world - the toughest league." As highlighted by Agen Bola
    Beckham added: "They're young kids and young kids are always nerve-free when they go into these competitions.But you need a bit of experience and we've got it in this squad.
    Steven Gerrard is in great form and the young lads are going to need people like him and Frank [Lampard] who have that experience. But the youngsters will be so excited about this World Cup."


  2. Del Piero expects a good performance of Rooney for England

    Trustworthy Agen Bola revealed, According to former Italy striker Alessandro Del Piero, Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney is ready to perform to his best with England at the World Cup. He appraised Rooney as a great player and reveals that Rooney is now more balanced.
    Del Piero said: "It will be an open game. England are a little bit different to 10, 12 or 15 years ago. Now there are more situations where they can score goals or where they can do something special.
    He added: "I think Italy has a good history against England. Italy usually never misses the first game, the second game is historically a bad one for Italy.”


  3. Espinoza: Hot climate to pose a problem for England players

    Famous Agen Bola mentioned, Honduras defender Roger Espinoza said England will struggle in Brazil's heat unless they keep possession at the FIFA World Cup. England will find it hard to adapt to the hot weather during world cup event.
    The defender said: "I think it (the climate) will be a big factor for England. England players are not used to it. I remember where I live in Manchester, going to Wigan, the sun came out, but it's an artificial sun.”
    He added: "We would come here to the (United) States in pre-season with Wigan and you can tell how tough it is for the English players, Scottish and Irish guys, too, to come on this side of the world. Not many places will be as hot in Brazil, apart from Manaus.
    If they keep the ball like they did against us, they will not get tired. They have the players to keep the ball. That will keep them fresh, stop them getting tired. They're young guys, too.”