Cesc tells Jack so much football, is not so Fab

So Arsenal Skipper Cesc Fabregas has told Jack Wilshere that although it is great to play at such a young age, he believes it comes at a price.

"298 for arsenal, 59 for NT +U21. At 23 im very proud to achieve that but is also dangerous at this age to play that much. Telling u Jack.heh" Posted on his twitter account. 

Having played so much Cesc believes that a young body can only endure so much and has lead to his injury problems. 'Fibergas' has been missing in action for a while now, but is expected back for the Blackburn game tomorrow. Cesc's warning comes as the might Jack wants to play for England u21 this summer in Denmark..... I have mixed feelings about this, on the one hand he wants to play and we should let him, but on the other hand sharing Arsene Wenger's views, it may all just be a bit to much for the 19 year old. He will be of huge importance for the Gunners next season so maybe actually I am hoping that he decides against it, even though it would wonderful to see him play where he will be a 'DON'.

Cesc's injuries are becoming a problem and maybe he should give his pal Messi a call and ask him how he has managed to play so much at 23 and remain injury free.....

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