The Plastic Fan - It's an Epidemic

It's a dark creature, a creature that hides in the shadows, that follows a party group/team/party around. Waiting and watching. Just for that moment when they can make their move. Wait a moment it sounds like I am describing Gollum as he tracks the heroes of the Lord of the Rings, except in this case the heroes are our beloved Arsenal. What I am referring to is...yes you guessed it (by the title I am sure) The Plastic Fan.

Yip that is what the plastic fan reminds me of, most of them resemble this I am sure.
It is something that has been touched on recently by many bloggers, I know I sure have been going on about it for sometime. Often referred to as the "fair weather fan or the "I only sing when we are winning" fan. Basically they are negative horrible creatures, that really add no.....none zero, value. I am so tired of hearing "oh Giroud is rubbish", "Arsenal are out of the title race", "Wenger out". It is just ridiculous. Plus they never have anything nice to say, it is just vicious attacks. If you are going to criticize a player, then have something to back it up not just random statements that make no sense. "Bendtner is better than Giroud" is not a statement that makes any sense. I know that most of these fans do not have any real knowledge of the game they are watching. Instead they have got it from somewhere else.  

Well said!! Most of the new Arsenal fans are glory hunters who have developed their footballing technical knowledge by playing 'FIFA'. They used to previously bash Arsenal for not spending, now just waiting in the hide for an opportunity to attack them when they lose a game. They forget we got out of the best group in the Champions league, defeated previous finalist at their home, meanwhile maintaining the top rank in the EPL. For me, Arsenal is playing beautiful football. That's what it matters.

I couldn't have said it myself. You see we live in a world were Fifa gaming is huge business not to mention, This is Football and Pro Evolution to add to the mix. Then we have 10 manager games that has every Tom Dick and Gollum thinking that they are the next Alex Ferguson (let's face it he was great). These fans pick their teams from a virtual world and naturally move it to the real stage. Well guess what real life is not like Fifa, sure in Fifa I can dribble the whole team with Theo Walcott, sure I can score a 30 yard screamer with Verminator in the midfield, but the fact remains that Fifa is a game. People who think Walcott upfront instead of Giroud, clearly don't realise the strength that is needed. A Verminator instead of Flamini or Arteta, come now...pls, put the remote down and start analysing real football.

That is not the only problem though, with the growth of Social Media and Football 'News' Sites (yes I am talking about, Goal, Mirror, Daily Mail etc) it has given everyone a voice, no matter how small or preciousssssssss (annoying). You've heard of the term Internet Troll? Well now we have the Football fan Troll, the plastic fan. 

I have seen people calling for Eduardo to be brought back and replace Giroud. I don't even know where to begin with that one. And Vela!?! come now guys, they couldn't cut it before what makes you think they can now. Oh you say you watched a YouTube clip of Vela's skills, goals and assists and he is an 80 on Fifa 14. Well I must be wrong I am so sorry. YouTube does not define a player, it's called a highlights reel for a reason.

What does define a player is the effort they put on the training ground and most of all on the pitch. Sure Arsenal have had a few bad games, but we are far better off than seasons past. Arsenal is a great club and thank goodness there is are only a few of these LOUD plastic fans. I am sure they hated Ramsey last season, I am sure they are still calling for Wenger's head and I am sure that they think that if they found the one ring they would give it to Bendtner and he would make all the difference. 

To the plastic fan I say this, you need to really watch more games, spend less time online reading crap and less time thinking that Fifa is real life. Arsenal are here to stay and you are but a flittering light that no one will remember, what will do remember are the fans that get behind the Arsenal in the good times and bad. 7, 8, 20 or 100 years without a trophy I am a Gunner for life.

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