To be an Arsenal Fan.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Arsenal and for us fans sitting on the sidelines who can only throw beer cans at the TV, shout from the crowd and like myself write blog rants. But we have to look ahead, we as Arsenal fans pride ourselves on ‘Keeping the Faith’ and always looking at the positives. Sure we haven’t won anything in a long time, but at least we can still remember what it was like to win. I am always the optimist and try to see things as I hope they will be, so the same goes for my view of my glorious Arsenal, I feel we are two years away from greatness, a greatness that will bring in a new era of invincibles for the Arsenal.

The rumours of this war chest that Wenger has been promised is hard to believe, partly because we have heard it over and over again. Secondly because why would 100 million suddenly all at once become available, have they seen we are in crisis or is it just to keep a certain Russian from finding his way onto the board.

But let’s say that Wenger gets this so called money, what he will do with it. One of Wenger’s biggest flaws as a manager (great trait to have as a person though) is his loyalty, what I mean by this is his loyalty to his players. There are a number of players who are no of the calibre to wear the red and white and yet they play week in and week out, Walcott is a good example, he should have been dropped weeks ago. Saying this I think Wenger has too much faith in his current crop and thinks that we don’t need to sign a defender, which I think we do, and he will see that maybe the only place we need is a striker. I would use that money to bump up salaries to keep our few stars that we have from leaving and then cut loose some of that drift wood.

Ok but it’s the big game on Sunday and I am very nervous, it seems that there are new kings in north London and it isn’t Arsenal. I hope we can claim that crown back and I will be Keeping the Faith all the way.

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