Arsene Wenger sets the FEAR in Fans

So Twitter, the news, Google, where ever you have been looking has been abuzz with rumours of signings that Arsenal are going to be bringing in. Ivan the terrible himself said that this is the season that we have been waiting for and we have the financial resources to bring in some big names. We have however heard this over and over, but the rumours of Hig, The Biter, Fellani, Shrek and many more gave many fans hope that we were going after the big names we have always wanted to see at Arsenal. I too was one of these that believed we would have signed Hig by now, that was until I heard Wenger post the Vietnam win.

When asked about Rooney he said (kind of took a stab at United more than anything)

It happened to us, it can happen to them. We have not the problem of the wages of Wayne Rooney, but it’s very difficult for us to talk about a specific case

Then he said 
The competition in Europe is very hard at the moment. There’s a lot of money and not many players.

Come now Mr Wenger, we have been told that we have the money so that is not the problem and in truth money is what makes players available so I don't see the problem.....all you are doing is making fans angry, but more so, Arteta and Wilshere have called for signings and it is that kind of behaviour that makes players leave.

He then went on to say

We work hard but we are not close to signing anybody.

WHAAAATTTTT - come on. That is sure enough to put the fear in all fans, that the same old shit is going to happen again. I truly hope that it doesn't but with no signings in sight, I can fell anger growing.
Oh and this Fabregas rubbish, if Barcelona do sell him and Arsenal don't activate the clause I will personally march on Emirates stadium. OK enough of a rant for now, let's hope that I am wrong

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