As an Arsenal Fan - #SantosOut

Now don’t get me wrong, I am an Arsenal man through and through. The thought of my Arsenal losing makes me sick, so to be clear, I have been sick for a while. It also pains me to have such hatred for a player, one of our own players, but the fact remains that no matter how fun loving and nice a person Andre Santos is, he must go. I realise that he loves Arsenal, I realise that a few fans think he gives his all, but the fact remains, he is not good enough for Arsenal, #SantosOut. 

His defensive skills are next to none, every game he plays, he not only brings weakness to the team, but puts a huge burden on the rest of the players that decreases moral in the entire team. With the creation of blogging and social media, we as fans do have a voice, every single one of us. But as a collective voice we can be heard, so this is what I propose…tweet, share, post #SantosOut it has to be done.

If you do not agree with me, then that is fine, but I suggest you see an optometrist.


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