Wenger Touchline Ban Cartoon and a Word on Tonight.

With Wenger recently served a touchline ban, I thought this was pretty funny. Tonight we play Schalke 04, and as I have said: "A Win...Nothing else will do". And that is true, Arsenal have the potential to do great things this season.....and as it has been said so many time before the push starts now.
No more set-backs, no more loses to teams that we should be putting 3 past and no more excuses. Gunners I am sure you all agree with me that nothing is better than an Arsenal win. Nothing can compare to that feeling. Not even the birth of your own child or so my dad tells me (that doesn't even offend me, I agree).

So come on you Gunners and let's give the fans something to feel happy about...also i really feel like wearing my Arsenal top into the office tomorrow.

Keep the Faith.....

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